Momma to be

Hey Momma! It has been a hot minute since I blogged a session. I thought what better way to start a blog then with this beautiful momma to be.


Let me set the scene for this maternity session. This session was last month. you would think okay May, nice weather good time to open our outdoor vintage milk bath sessions. I am inserting a huge eye roll here. This May was chilly. It was also over cast so the sun could not warm this momma to be. Did I forget to mention that our vintage tub is outside, o yea and we are on well water. Yup! Cold water. Mike my husband and I were thinking of all the ways we could give this momma a milk bath she had dreamed of. Mike had a great idea to fill our pots with HOT water before the session. Genius! Here we go… MIke and I gathered all the pots. We lined the pots up on the counter and started filling pot after pot of hot water. 12 to 15 pots later and the tub is filled. I am so excited that Mike thought of this. shhh! let that be our little secret. I do not want him to get a big head.

Brittany had a beautiful maternity gown for her milk bath session. I also had rose petals that filled the air with the beautiful aroma of roses. I thought I was at the florist.  look at this gorgeous momma to be!


Brittany had these beautiful gowns, I thought let’s go chase the light. I know I said it was over cast but, the sun did peak through and I wanted to see if we could give this momma a sunset portrait session.  We jump in my car and head over to the local park. You guessed it the sun disappeared. but, Brittany was absolutely stunning and did not need a sunset as she was glowing.

Motherhood session


To end our session I asked Brittany if she would go with me to the rocks near my house and take our last set of photos, the joke was on her… I was driving and good thing she said yes, we were going. I did not think her session could get any better. Wait till you see our green gown on this momma to be. By the way! When I say the rock  wall was near my house. well… It is actually off the outer road and we have to play frogger to cross to get to the rock wall. Brittany was amazing and took these maternity photos to the next level. I think I was the one who got lucky with taking her photos and spending time with her. She is stunning. Thank you Brittany for taking this adventure with me and going along with all my crazy ideas. I can not wait to meet your little baby. Portraits at the cliff

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