Ayden’s Lifestyle session | VillaRidge, Mo.

In home sessions have been a thing in the past since the pandemic. When I received the inquiry of being invited into a home for a session I was absolutely down. Life might be getting back to what it use to before the pandemic. YAHOO!

We discussed what Ayden’s family was looking to receive from their session with me. A lifestyle session is unposed and life’s happenings and we did get so many of these. Ayden has a little sister and wait till you see her. She is such a cutie.

Ayden’s sister

I told you she was a cutie. she really was my right hand girl. She helped me and watched that I was careful with her baby brother.

Ayden’s mom and dad enjoyed our bed we have in the studio. When walking into their home, The bed was going to fit perfectly with their esthetics. Their home was perfect. Such a sweet country feel.

I also had the opportunity with Aydens sisters help of course to do a pose photo with Ayden.

Ayden is such a little cutie pie. I want to take a moment to thank Aydens parents for their service. They both protect and serve and for this I am grateful. Aydens momma is a nurse and Ayden’s Dad is an officer. Again Thank you both for your services.

As our time was coming to an end. Ayden let me know he was getting tired of modeling all his cuteness and was ready for a nap.

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Sweet baby Ayden

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