A Missouri Engagement

A Missouri Engagement 

  Katy and I scheduled their engagement session several months ago. Our scheduled engagement session date comes and we have a snow day. Not  the pretty, fluffy  and Let’s take these beautiful engagement photos. Nope! Missouri gives us a snowed in, do not go anywhere for 3 days ice and snow mixture. Great!

engagement sessionWe reschedule the engagement session, the new date is coming up… Katy and I of course are watching the weather like a hawk. Days leading up to the session looks good and we are gearing up for a great session. Here we sit the day of the engagement session and  you guessed it we need to reschedule again. There is no snow stopping us this time but we get rain. Not your everyday drizzle nope… We get blow you away down pouring rain. We are getting a bit discouraged. Another reschedule and decide no matter what we are taking these engagement photos. The Save the Dates have to go out in the mail to their family and friends. YAHOO! This reschedule is a success. Best weather day ever!

I come to realize that when I have to jump through hoops or wait for our Missouri blizzards to pass and an added rain day, beauty comes from this.

Understandably, This day is not about me but, when Katy and William walk over to my car, I could not believe that they are dressed in my favorite colors.  Sometimes you just have to share a photographers favorites. Moving on!

Engagement Portrait

We start walking and as we enter the park we see all the people. The park is not normally this busy… But let’s be real this was the best weather day.  Walking away from the beach area, My eyes spot these trees. deciding to walk over to see what the trees and area look like we hit a jackpot. This was a photographer’s dream area. The trees are starting to show life that spring will soon be here with the green peaking out. The tall grass is just what we needed for the photos I hope that Katy and William will cherish for a lifetime.

CouplesNormally, you will find  me directing a pose or share my phone for a photo I have uploaded if my direction is not showing exactly what I am looking for. When I tell you that these two had the chemistry that did not need to much direction. This is not an understatement. These two are perfect for each other.

Couple portraits

the couple grabbed a few cold beverage on their way to the park and they decided to stopped for a cool beverage. Like I shared above it was a warmer day. As they enjoyed their cold brew, I continued photographing them. Many people enjoy a more lifestyle approach when it comes to photographing their session. I do try to get in the moment photos of the couple enjoying time together.

CouplesHave you ever had a couple session with me? If not I will most likely direct you to kiss with your teeth. I know you’re thinking what? Let me show you what I am talking about.Are they not the cutest couple. Couple Portrait


As we walk over to the water William tells me he wants to do something and for me to tell him when I was ready.  I prepare myself for whatever William has up his sleeve . If anyone knows William you know what I am talking about. He is a fun guy! I tell William I was ready let me tell you… Everyone near us at the park stops and stares.

She said yes

I am sure William did not prepare himself for this show stopper. William gets down on one knee and the photos tell you the rest! By the way Katy said YES, Again! I am so glad I was able to capture this moment. I honestly wish I could have video taped the people at the park so you could see around them. The whispering look at William as he is proposing, Others people are in awe. It was seriously something out of a romance movie.


keep watching, we will be telling William and Katy’s wedding story!

Couple Portraits

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