Caity and Frankie’s Engagment session

Caity and Frankie wanted a little different session. Frankie wanted woods and Caity wanted a more summer beach look. I knew exactly what park would give them what they each wanted, if you have read any of our blogs you know that Klondike Park is my go to spot.

Caity told me she met Frankie in their senior year of high-school but they were both too shy to talk to each other in person. Thank goodness for social media. Frankie Instant messaged Caity.  They talked and enjoyed their friendship for awhile before deciding to date.  That all changed on a chilly day in December.


These two were so easy to work with. You could see that they have such an awesome connection. They laughed with each other. At one time during our session, Caity almost tripped. Frankie without any prompt swooped Caity up and cradled her in his arms. It was such a cute moment.

Caity and Frankie will tie the knot at Rose Oak Acres in 2021.

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