Christine and Zach’s engagement session

   I could not wait to meet Zach and Christine, We scheduled their engagement session the beginging of March . Several conversations with Christine and I to make sure the session was going to be just perfect. The week of the couples session we found out that we are unable to work due to the State shut down. We were all pretty bummed. But, this gave us more time to plan and Christine more time to find her outfit for the session.

New plan in place and we are ready for our new scheduled date. We arrive at our destination and it is just a perfect evening.  Christine was a bit nervous as she feels she is not good at taking photos, I must add a photo here because come on she is just so cute, I have to disagree with her.

love photo

Christine and Zach are absolutely perfect for each other. When Christine shared a few things she loved about Zach you could see all over Zach’s face how much he fell in love with her again in that moment.


At one point in the session we watched the two dance as if no one was watching them. The laughter and excitement of the night filled the air.


We continued to walk the park to find the perfect spots for the two to be together. As you can see it did not matter where these two were being photographed, Their love ignited.

sweet touch

One of my favorite spots of this park is the bridge. On a normal night many stand on this bridge fishing so I do not get this spot often. But like I said it was a perfect evening. The bridge was empty and Danielle and I could not be happier.

engagement portrait

As we left the park and watch these two hold hands and walk back to our cars. I could not wait to share their wedding day with their family and friends. October cannot come soon enough. Till then let’s enjoy these two and their portraits.

engagement session

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