Fashion Portraits

Fashion PortraitShawna called me to schedule something I have never done before, which intern made me start thinking about how we could created art but also give Shawna a place to feel comfortable, confident and FREE! We decided on heading to the City for some fashion portraits. A few days before the session, we checked the weather and it

 was going to be a wash. Rain all day… Not a fun day we had planned. However we pivoted and decided we were not going to reschedule we would just change locations. Shawna and I decided to meet at the studio instead.  Shawna grabbed a few outfits from her closet and then went and found a few new pretty dresses. When Shawna came in with her fashion pieces I was so excited to see the gowns, the

spring colors, the assortment of fun fashion outfits.

We started with her most comfortable outfit. I had a plan to get her to loosen up and just forget I was there taking photos.  Shawna and I are friends as well so our conversations where endless. Conversations of life, love, and friendship. I enjoyed our day and I do hope Shawna not only enjoyed her day but found the fun loving lady I saw. That is what I wanted to get out of this session. I wanted to capture genuine smiles, real laughter and maybe raw emotion. I believe I did get each emotion from this session.


Fashion Portrait

Shawna has the most prettiest eyes I have ever seen. They are green but not just green they have a pop of color that locks you in. They remind me of a beautiful tiger eyes.  I am sure reading this it sounds silly. But I caught her eyes in our studio light and I knew I had to show the world these eyes. OKAY! Come back down to reality, I am not famous so the world will not be reading this but…. Those who follow my work, they will see the beauty in this woman. My next move was how I was going to get a portrait of just her eyes. She shared her next outfit with me and I knew that our studio hat would be just perfect for the next shot. As you can see  my vision and Shawna’s eyes are here for you to see!

Fashion PortraitNext was the music in the studio…. We talked about her favorite songs and then I asked our lovely Alexa to play. Well, Our Alexa plays when she wants to and she was not wanting to share the love of music at our session so we moved to my spotify on my phone. Thank you Spotify for coming in clutch when I needed you most! Shawna started listening to the music and really relaxing. I love the way that music can speak to the soul. I also love how clothes can make you feel beautiful and on top of the world. Do you have that one song that when you are in a mood you can put it on and no matter what is going on or what has gone on during the day it puts you in a place that makes you smile and dance?


Fashion PortraitLadies and Gentlemen we did it! There was a song that made Shawn come out of her shell. She was swaying and singing and came alive. Shawna forgot her worries for just that moment. She let life go and allowed herself to smile and be happy. All because of a fashion photoshoot. All because of a song and a swaying beautiful skirt. I saw movement in Shawna a light that I had not seen when she walked into the studio. This is what I love about photography. This is what we all need. We need to forget our worries. We need to let go! We need to love ourselves.

Fashion PortraitIf you need a little dance in your step. If you want to let loose and gain yourself a little happiness. Turn on the music, Turn up the music and DANCE!

I learned something at this fashion photoshoot. We all need a little happy in our life. We all need that one song that gets us in our feels and makes us sing loud and show emotions. We also need that favorite swaying skirt and to feel beautiful. Today I challenge you to turn up the music and dance. Dance like nobody’s watching. Have a happy day and thank you for reading.

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