In-home lifestyle newborn session

Being a witness to the birth of a baby is such an exciting experience, it leaves you with a  special bond with that sweet little baby and family. Getting to see the family again all settled into their home with their new additionLifestyle Newborn Session and seeing how the big brother and sister reacted to her in the first weeks of life is so heartwarming.

As I pulled up to the house I could hear the kids yelling through the clear door Bacole! ( That is my nickname the kids call me.) Bacole is here. Bacole come inside. As I entered into their home in Missouri  it was full of life and happiness. They could not wait to share their new sister with me. They wanted to show me how they held her and cared for her.

I started the session in the baby’s nursery, as I walked into the nursery I saw how bright and airy it was. It was perfect. The moses basket on her dresser. The little stool with new baby books I can imagine the siblings would read to her. The beautiful decor all around the room and the perfect little outfit with baby’s name across it.

lifestyle sessionLifestyle Newborn SessionLifestyle Newborn Session

These little details are some of my favorite to document as they capture the feeling of that time in a parent’s life of them waiting for their little one to arrive.

Sibling Photo As mom and dad where getting their son ready for a family photo we were able to sneak back into the nursery with big sister and grab a snuggle photos of the girls. Allie is the best big sister, Allie taught me the proper way that she holds her sister. Allie also told me how she loves to talk to her sister and how she helps her mommy with her. You could tell how excited she was to have her new baby sister home.

Sibling Portrait

We moved into mom and dad’s bedroom where they have the pretties bed and decor in their room. The lighting gave us a calming feel and the baby was comfortably sleeping. We did several photos in the room as you can see this is unposed and in the moment of our time together.

Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyLifestyle Newborn Session

It is so beautiful to see how mom and dad fall madly in love with their new arrival and also fall even more in love with each other. The connections of a newborn lifestyle session gives the family a comforting feeling of being at home, this allows the siblings to play freely as we are able to take photos of mom and dad with their new arrival. We also are able to get a photo of the family all cozy together. Family Photography

Before ending our session I took baby back to the nursery for some of her lifestyle newborn photos. This gives mom, dad, and the siblings time to move to the living area, get a snack or grab a sippy cup before a few more family photos.

Lifestyle Newborn SessionLifestyle Newborn SessionLifestyle Newborn SessionLifestyle Newborn Session

This lifestyle newborn session was beautiful, so warm and cozy. Full of love and playfulness.

If you’re expecting a little one and a lifestyle newborn session looks like something you would be interested in booking. Get in touch with us so we may set up and in-home lifestyle session for you, too!

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