Meet the Artist

I wanted to start blogging a while ago, however fear has held me back. Ever allow fear to get in your way?  I am unsure why I was so scared about talking to you all. I mean if anyone who is anyone knows me I am a open book.  Let me move right in and tell you a little about me…

I am the older lady to your right when looking at your screen. The cute one on the left, she is my youngest daughter. She is also my right hand lady.  Hey! this is about me remember the one lady on the right next to the cute one on the left. It is about me…

I am married to Mike who helps with all my crazy building ideas I get. We have been married for 23 years. We together have 2 beautiful young adult children. We have 3 dogs, Yes! I am the crazy dog lady. I started as a rescue mom, then quickly moved to become a foster mommy and back to a rescue mom. I have the love for skin art.  I also enjoy traveling  with my family. I one day would love to own a RV to travel. I have always wanted to take photos of amazing places. I have always loved taking photos. I would always have some kind of camera as my kids grew up. I was normally behind the lens and not in front however I am learning to love myself and get in front of the lense more. I bought the domain to our business name in 2013. I still found I was a hobbyist not really charging for my craft but following the light and learning all I can. In 2015 I submitted a newborn photo to Shutter Magazine and was published. For the first time I realize I needed to treat this as a business and started looking at myself as a professional photographer. Yep 2013-2015 I had a business name, paid business fees but still was treating it as a hobby.

Since 2015 I have been published in several other magazines proudly. In 2019 I taught a workshop with other photographers and found the love for love. This is how I found the passion in my craft. The remaining of 2019 I remained photographing everyone and also started zoning in on things that I loved to photograph. Was it hard yes! But, I kept pushing through. In October 2019 I decided to change our name from Megaboo Photography to Rekart Photography. Why? I have always been know as a Newborn, Children and Family Photographer.

In 2020 I started working hard toward the wedding industry along with making clients feel confident. I am getting ahead of myself. Let me take a step or two back.  I wanted bride and grooms to hire me and not think child photographer with our name it still sounded childlike.  I then went to my family my back bone of the company and asked what they all thought and it was anonymous, Great idea so we moved forward.  In 2020 Megaboo Photography  was changed to Rekart Photography.

I decided to study hard on wedding photography. I have a group of photographers who Danielle and I meet twice a week to listen to lessons online. 2 of the ladies are extremely talented and have taught Danielle and I so much more than we could have ever expected. We are also their assistant photographers on their weddings as well. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Before I jump into our next something topic, I want to share with you that I too wanted to know just how this felt as a woman. I wanted to feel empowered. I wanted to remember what sexy feels like. I know as a woman who goes through many changes of life such as becoming a girlfriend, a wife, a mom, a dedicated worker, a business owner and let me just say the list goes on, You at times forget how to love yourself. How to feel sexy, How to self care. I have found I wanted to remember all this and also build my own confidence before I could build confidence in other woman. I went to a photographer friends home studio and had my hair and makeup done and did a boudoir photoshoot. Was it for my husband at the time no. I wanted to do this for me. I wanted to feel what I had been missing. The love of myself~ for myself. Many might be taken back by this but honestly what I brought away from this session was so much more than I could ever imagine.

Was I nervous? HELL YES! I mean I had 3 of my closest friends standing around me and I was in a body suit showing more skin than I share with myself at times. Was I excited YES! I knew these ladies would pose me to flatter every part of me. But what I did not know what the way I was going to feel after. I honestly felt so empowered. I honestly felt beautiful and I walked away loving myself. This is what I want to give back to my clients. I decided to jump right in and share boudoir with every woman out there. Because if I can walk away feeling like a Badass, Well I needed every woman to feel this too. I have done several boudoir sessions. I have shared my story with so many woman.

I am not going to beat around the bush here. I have received a few that is just not for me. You know what that is okay, It might not be for you today but one day you will call me or someone in this industry and book a session with them. I honestly recommend this!  It is not trashy~ It is CLASSY!


The biggest take away I have found offering sessions like this is The stories, The laughter and watching these ladies come into our home studio unsure what to expect and walking out like the badass they are. This is why I offer these sessions. This is what I recommend you book a session.

Before I hit submit and publish I am still offering home studio posing newborn photography  and on location lifestyle newborn sessions. I am also offering professional headshot portraits as well. I wanted to share what is new and what I will be focusing on and that is Couples, Engagements, Weddings and Boudoir.

I want to thank you if you have made it this far. Much love and until my next blog stay safe!