Surrogate Story

Before share Chasity’s story , I want to share with each person who reads her story a little about the experience itself. I would really like for these ladies to come together and write a book about surrogacy.  Each of us looked for surrogacy books and they were slim to none. I hope this blog will help someone considering being a surrogate for someone. A mom who is praying for a baby and considers a surrogate. I just want this story to be shared. I do not have the Surrogates side, therefore  I have gone through Chasity’s story and changed her name and names of the surrogate family  for their privacy.  Thank you for reading and feel free to  share.  I also will add that Chasity sent me a few photos that I wanted to add to the blog.

Surrogate Story

Chasity’s surrogate story

             Our precious Collin

Baby ultrasoundOur story started in July of 2018.  Dave and I where married on May 26,2018, which was very significant for us as it was my son’s birthday who passed away in the year 2004. This was also the day that Dave and I started talking, we both knew that was the date to be married. As our journey continued on our wedding day my cousin, her husband and her children came we talked and realized that they lived just 2 miles away from us. From there we invited their family over for the Fourth of July. At the party several people asked if Dave and I would have children of our own one day, unfortunately I had to have a complete hysterectomy in my late 20’s Dave and I both knew that we wouldn’t be able t0.

surrogate story

At that time my cousin was 6-7 months pregnant with her 3rd baby. From 4th of July on our family’s hung out all the time it was like we hadn’t spent anytime apart. As weeks went by my cousin and her husband came to us and ask if we ever thought about Surrogacy?  I told my cousin yes but we knew we couldn’t afford one. My cousin proposed to be our carrier, We were blown away by this gracious gift.

                 Surrogate Story Surrogate Story Surrogate Story

Dave and I talked and prayed about this gracious gift and we decided to go see a specialist all together and see what our options where. In September of 2019 we had our first transfer. This transfer  didn’t take and this was very heartbreaking.  On February 23,2020 we transferred 2 embryos , guess what… they took!! Unfortunately we found out one baby had stopped growing at 8 1/2 weeks gestation. We were sad but also happy that we still had a healthy baby growing. Then COVID happened and we weren’t sure what would happen throughout the pregnancy. We were very fortunate that I was able to attend all the appointments with cousin. On Mother’s Day we announced to our family that we were having a little boy.

Surrogate Story

On November 3,2020  we welcomed our little miracle boy Collin Gene to our family. I couldn’t imagine our life without this precious baby. Never in my life will I be able to repay my cousin and her family back for the selfless act of carrying our baby boy, we will be forever be grateful for her.

What a beautiful miracle. I want to also thank Chasity, Dave, her cousin and family for allowing me to be such a big part of their story.  I was able to be their when Chasity and her husband met their son.  when the nurse came in with this sweet boy, I can tell you there was not a dry eye in the room.

Surrogate story

When Collin came in for his newborn session I was so happy to see this little guy and his parents. Let me tell you, Chasity and her husband were so happy. The new daddy was excited to change each diaper and each outfit.

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