Your love story, Our bucket list

Celebrate your love with  an intimate elopement. Rekart Photography has a bucket list of beautiful destinations.Your love story with our bucket list.  Documenting your elopement is becoming  more popular, why?  Let’s face it, even if you celebrate the day just with your love, you will still want to share your love story with  your friends and family. I’d still categorize a destination wedding with under 15 people as an adventurous elopement.

bride and Groom

Does your dream elopement fall in one of our bucket list destinations, Let’s talk about how we can tell your story. But before you jump at this opportunity take a look at our portfolio, You definitely must love our work before booking your most adventurous day of your life.


How does all this work?  Let me tell you… Does your love and adventure elopement fall into one of our bucket list or do you feel your destination elopement might need to be added to our bucket list?  Reach out and share your idea and give us a call. Do you want to have a adventurous elopement with your love one? Take a scroll down our elopement bucket list.  Choose one below and  provide me with the funds for  a plane ticket + rental car + hotel I will give you our elopement collection at no cost.  WIN! WIN! right?

Lexington, Kentucky Castle Wedding

Lexington, Kentucky

We will blog with each adventurous elopement we photograph. We do hope you find your meaningful destination on our list.

Here are a few tips to help you when deciding where you want to elope, keep in mind to think about a place that means a lot to you & your significant other or a place you both really want to check off of your bucket list. Once you both have decided where you want to elope, reach out to Rekart Photography.


Bucket List 

Gulf Beach elopements, Alabama or Florida my bags are packed.

Charleston South Carolina elopement

Oregon Coast elopement

Tuscan Arizona (give me the dessert and cactuses 🌵)



Bride and Groom at green house

 We look forward to sharing your love story.
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