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This week I spent some time with baby Weston. Weston is almost 5 months old, I can not believe it has been 5 months since he was in momma’s belly.

Weston is such a strong little guy. He is holding his head high, he is playing with toys that are put in front of him. Mom shared a few stories with me while we had time to catch up, He absolutely loves the johnny jumper. I could tell as his little legs are so strong. when I am holding him all he wants to do is bounce. What a sweetie.

I am sure you are wondering why I have had so much time with this sweet boy. I have been watching Weston for a few days while mom was in school, She is going to be the best nurse. I wanted to surprise mom with a few photos of Weston since we were unable to get together in the studio with him during his newborn stages.

Weston and I took time in the studio in between naps and he showed be how big he is getting. He gave me all the smiles. and he told me many stories. You know the stories only he understands. But I try to understand all the baby talk. He really enjoys tummy time.

Black and White portrait

If you have missed the newborn stage photos and want to get in the studio or do a home lifestyle session. give us a call. These are the sweetest little photos and does not take a lot of time in your day.

Enjoy all the expressions little Weston gave me.

Weston in our new lifestyle moses basket. (636) 584-5274

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