Baby Olivia’s Fresh 48 at Mercy hospital 

Baby Olivia’s Fresh 48 at Mercy hospital 

Fresh 48 photo

Where to begin, this was such an amazing day. Mercy off Ballas has allowed photographers and family back in the rooms. YAHOO!!!! (Masks are required). When I walked into the room it was full of family and friends which made my heart happy. I know mom was thrilled to have her room full.  Baby O’ was being hugged and adored around the room. It was finally my turn to introduce myself and grab all the cuddles from our newest little member. We did not think we would be celebrating together like this. 

Newborn and Mom

Honestly we had a plan to gather in the parking lot and Olivia’s mom was to ask for a window facing us. Yes we planned an entire Simba moment. You know where the Circle of life plays in the background and Rafiki holds Simba up. 

Newborn photo

Personally I  like Olivia’s story better.  As many know our tribe of friends, we are all photographers so the nurses would come in to check on Olivia and moms room had many cameras and all the photographers we finally had to explain that Olivia has many family members who are photographers. 

two days old baby

After Olivia’s fresh 48 photo session. We relaxed and ordered food to be delivered. 

Grace upon Grace

What an amazing afternoon meeting our newest member to the family and sharing this moment with her mom. 

Adoption is love

I soon will be sharing Olivia’s first newborn session with me. 

Rekart Photography

Are you wanting a fresh 48 newborn session? Whether this be in a hospital setting or home, baby is 48 hours new. These are lifestyle photos. Double check with your hospital that they are allowing photographers in at the time of your baby’s arrival. I can not wait to tell your story. 

Baby at hospital photo
Fresh 48
Mercy Hospital
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Rekart Photography

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