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Theo is four months!!!

sweet boy

We are into another month of Theo’s milestone. Where has the past four months gone. Sweet boy you have grown so much in these past few months. He was definitely all smiles at his four month session. This may or may not have had anything to do with Monkey sounds from his mommy.

Baby Theo

We try not to be to serious when it comes to our sessions. I mean the safety of our babies, yes! When it comes to getting all the giggles and leg kicks we do some silly things, such as Monkey sounds. I must say Theo’s Momma is really good at it. When I did it he thought I was losing my mind.

Four months old

I try to get a detail photo or two when I do these basket photo sessions. These sessions go by so quickly and are seriously some of the funniest sessions to date. Seeing you and your little one every month for 1 year is pretty awesome. It also helps when you come in for those BIG milestone sessions as your baby already has seen me once a month. They already know I am the one with the camera that tries to make them smile. I am that familiar face and sound.

Baby boy smiles
Look at his SMILE!

Theo wants to know what are you waiting for? Book your session with his COCO, That is me, I am his COCO! He also thinks I am pretty cool even if he can not talk and he gives me the what are you saying faces. I do get a smile or two.

Personally I am pretty excited to see all these basket photos side by side when his one year approaches…. However I am in no way rushing time.

Give COCO a call!

Theo said it best! Give me a call, I am waiting to meet you and your little one. I look forward to your Newborn, Milestone or basket photos session, I also have a collection that offers all of these sessions at a sweet deal!

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