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Hello Friends! Hope all is well. I am working hard on staying on top of blogging this year. I hope this helps you stay connecting and see what I am working on. I also feel like all this baby snuggle has been helping put sunshine in our days. Wouldn’t you agree?

This little one had an amazing photo session at Rekart Photography and I thought this might be the best time to share a little bit about Rekart Photography and a few tips to help you get ready for a newborn session with me.

I will start with a few frequent asked questions.

1. How old does my newborn have to be for a newborn session? I suggest baby be anywhere from 2 days old to 14 days old.

2. Can you photograph a newborn older than 14 days? Yes I can definitely photograph your baby over 14 days. Many times when baby is over the age of 14 days old I will safely pose them in our different colored wraps to ensure baby’s safety.

Sweet Baby smiles

3.How long will my session be when working with Rekart Photography? I explain to my parents at booking sessions can last up to 3 hours. If you have siblings I suggest doing these first and then family photos, this helps siblings not get antsy. I also suggest one of the parents take the siblings to the park, that is close by the studio or they can go grab a bite to eat. If you are bringing older siblings and they are not wanting to hang around the entire time there is a movie theater not far from the studio and maybe… just maybe they would want to do this as well. But everyone is free to stay at the studio. I suggest bringing a toy or ipad for the big sibling to play with.

4. What should we wear if we are having photos with baby? My suggestion is if mom wants to wear a floral sundress or gown to coordinate with a solid color in moms dress. I tend to use a gray backdrop for family photos as it goes with every color you might wear.

5.What are your favorite colors to photograph for family portraits? My go to colors are Burnt Orange, Mustard Yellow (Not french mustard more of a darker yellow.) Forest green, Burgundy, Cream, Dusty Rose (if pink is your color), Navy blue and darker greys.

Sweet dreams baby girl

As our sweet little one dreams of her next session with me. I suggest you do not sleep on your session with me. My calendar is open for fall but, I cannot promise it will not fill up quickly.

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