Christmas Tree Farms

This blog is going to be a bit different. I normally talk about the session and tell you about the experience and do not get me wrong you will definitely get that but I also want you to tell me what you think about the locations I post. 

I’d like to offer the tree farm sessions again next year. I loved each of these locations. The Trees where different at each location. This is not at all negative but the opposite. They were beautiful in all areas. 

The other thing is that each family and couple I photographed are perfect. This makes choosing next year’s location that much harder. 

That is where you coming in. Next year where do you want your sessions to be for the holidays? Think Christmas cards, family fun and how to bring the holiday joy come out in your day with Rekart Photography.

Let me share a little bit about the locations with photos. Then I want to hear from you. 

First we have Heritage Valley Tree Farm. 

The Rothschild family

The trees are full grown with rows of glorious greenery. Their is also a cute little shop that you can take the kids to and purchase something to remember your year at the Farm. 

Courtney, Chris and the boys

Next we have Washington, Missouri row of Trees. These are beautiful trees that are as tall as the eyes can see. They all touch and is not at all a tree farm but gives the illusion that you are at a tree farm. When photographing at this area be prepared to spend a little time at the all agility park after your session. 

The Rott Family

Last but not least my clients got approval from the owners to take me to photograph their NEW tree farm area. I was so excited to see the Tree Farm in the making. I was there two weeks ago getting the best pumpkins and jam, adding the Tree farm is a exciting addition. Thank you Pin Oak Farms for having us out.

Kelsey, Mavery and Ryan

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