Jordan and Jessie’s Engagement

The day of Jordan and Jessie’s engagement session was a chilly afternoon. When I was driving out to the ranch to meet Jessie and Jordan the sun hid behind the clouds and it was definitely a perfect winter day in Missouri.

One of my favorite parts of driving down to the ranch is the road before you enter the ranch. The trees are perfect and allow the road to lead you to think you are entering a winter wonderland without snow this time of year.

When you come up to the perfect Wicked Pony Ranch sign you just know the day is going to flow perfectly. Brenda the owner has thought of every detail and If I do say so myself, the details flow wonderfully. The trees line up to welcome you with a fun sign of what might be an alligator sighting. No worries, there is no real alligator at the Ranch, At least I hope not. What they do have are beautiful horses, The horses have been rescued from abuse or neglect. The new donkey’s are the perfect fit on the ranch.

Come with me and let’s go get Jordan and Jessie they are in the venue enjoying a wedding tasting. But not just any wedding tasting. Brenda has the best vendors. Phil with Hog Call BBQ is a on site chef. Let me just say I have been very lucky to eat many of Phil’s meals and I can promise you will not be disappointed. He creates a masterpiece.

Welcome to Wicked Pony Ranch

It is only fitting to get a first photo at the saloon. The saloon is a 4,500 sq. climate controlled wedding reception and event space. This is the prettiest saloon I have been to. What do you think?

Jessie and Jordan will be married here in September by yours truly. You didn’t know?! I am also a wedding officiant. I wear many hats but officiating your wedding is something I take very serious. I can not wait to be apart of Jessie and Jordan’s wedding day.

There is a beautiful tree line of Christmas green and it is perfect this time of year. We walked down to the tree line. I asked Jordan to warm Jessie up with a big hug and had Jessie snuggle in. These two are honestly picture perfect, wouldn’t you agree.

Jordan then was telling me all about the new donkey’s that have arrived in the barn. We walked over to the barn to take a peek. They are absolutely adorable.

Jessie made a quick outfit change and then we walked over to the lake. I was really excited to see Brenda’s beautiful red truck outside. This was a special treat. This truck is a vintage beauty!

Jessie you have the most beautiful smile. I could not stop smiling while editing Jessie and Jordan’s photos. They are absolutely the cutest couple.

Jessie and Jordan’s session was not all posed photos as you can see above. Jessie did get the funnest piggy back ride from Jordan. Her laugh is contagious. I really had the best time with Jessie and Jordan.

Sunset photos are definitely a favorite

Sunset photos are definitely a favorite and the empty field at the ranch really makes the most prettiest photos if I do say so myself.

If you find yourself walking in life with the best partner give me a call as I would love to tell your story. Till next time my friends I will be waiting to tell your story.

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