At home Lifestyle Newborn session with Rekart Photography 

At home Lifestyle Newborn session with Rekart Photography. This is something new I am bring to 2023. I hope you all will find this just as exciting as I do. 

Thank you to this beautiful family for allowing me into your home and welcome your sweet boy with nursery photos.

He definitely was all about me and my camera, However he absolutely loved all the snuggle time with Mom and Dad. 

Look at that little doodle snout. I really do enjoy when you invite your pets into your family photos. What better way to keep your pet calm than in their home. I was happy that Penny welcomed me into her home. Allowed me near her new brother and we all enjoyed each other company. 

Look at his little hand, the tiny fingers and his cute little corduroy outfit. Everything about Baby M was blissful. He may not have smiled while we had our one on one time. However he did smile when mom and dad talked to him and that is all that matters. 

He looked so tiny in his crib. Soon he will be standing up calling for his parents in this crib. I hope to watch this little one grow. Maybe I will even be back when the mattress drops and he is standing in his crib. You never know. 

As you can see I absolutely love detail photos. I want mom and dad to remember how tiny their little baby was. His tiny toes are just too cute. 

Baby M loved playing on his play mat and even reached for his toys. 

Are you wondering what a lifestyle home session is? •Lifestyle home sessions are me directing you in an unposed photo, I will look for the best window light in your home. At times we may get some cozy photos that are little more moodier as the window lighting might not give a bright airy feel. As you can see the lighting in baby M’s nursery was perfectly bright. 

Rekart Photography | Lifestyle Home session | Washington, Missouri

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