A Birthday Cake Smash with Rekart Photography

Happy Birthday Quincy! Turning one is a super big deal and I love celebrating with your little one.  For the first time an arbor of balloons were requested. I am so happy with how the arbor came out and so was mom. 

When Quincy arrived at the studio with her family, I knew I wanted to get different photos with her. I do not jump into a cake smash as I want your little one to get to know me and feel comfortable enough to relax and maybe even give me a smile. 

Sometimes they give you a good work out and continue to crawl their way to me. I wish I could say the just think I am fun and entertaining. However I will tell you the truth, most of the time they just want my cool camera or my squeaky toy I squeak to get their attention. 

One bite of cake and I thought she would be hooked, However to my surprise she was definitely unsure if she liked the taste of her cake but below you can see she gave it another try. 

Let me tell you she did not at all get messy but, she did enjoy her little bites she had. 

Quincy showed me little bites and a few big bites but, she did not want to share her sugary goodness with me. 

when you get a minute drop a comment and wish this sweet girl a Happy 1st Birthday! 

This is an outfit in Rekart Photography client closet. You may want to visit our client closet before shopping for your little ones cake smash. I always suggest bring a portrait outfit for your cake smash and then we will discuss your cake smash outfit prior to your little one’s session with me. 

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  1. Charity says:

    Thank you so much for taking adorable photos of my little one! Thoroughly enjoyed the session and the ease of having a bath handy afterwards! Look forward to more sessions with you!

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