Mavery turns three in Washington, Missouri

Mavery had her third birthday in Washington,Missouri. Mavery and I have been documenting her milestones since she was a newborn baby. Mavery’s momma and I talked and tossed several ideas about Mavery’s birthday session. We have finally decided to let Mavery show us what she wanted to do and what better way to do that then walking the charming downtown strip.

Mavery turns “3”

Mavery really enjoyed having Mom and Dad apart of her fun day of every place Mavery stopped the camera was on her. The people also walking downtown were so friendly, Stopping to tell Mavery how pretty she is and what a pretty smile she had. I couldn’t agree more, She is adorable.

I remember talking to Ryan and Kelsey when Mavery was a newborn about how I wonder what Mavery was going to sound like when she started talking and now that this time has come, I am blessed to have had these years watching her grow-up, learning how to walk, talk and run! These milestones are special for the family and for me as the photographer. I look forward to your sessions as much as you do. Thank you for allowing me to be such a big part of your lives.

Happy Birthday Mavery!

Turning three is a big deal with Rekart Photography!

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