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When should you announce your pregnant? How do you announce the news of your pregnancy? Do you hire a photographer? All the questions answered in today’s blog. I will add a few links that can help if you want to print your announcements. *Disclosure: I am not affiliated or get any kick back with the links, I am sharing links, just because.

When should you announce your pregnancy. This is all a preference honestly and I suggest waiting till your first trimester is over. I would say 12 weeks is a happy time to share the news. There are many reasons I suggest this. The biggest reason you are no longer feeling like the toilet is your new best friend. Many of your family members and friends will want to celebrate this news with you and holding yourself close to a toilet in your first trimester is not the time you want any surprise visits.

How do you announce your pregnancy. This is up to you. Stay true to what you want to do and do not let anyone talk you into sharing the news unless you want to.

I am a Tik Tok and Reel watcher and during my scroll I found a video of a couple that did not share their news until their babies were here. you read that right “THEY”. The momma who carried twins decided to keep her pregnancy between her and her spouse. This made the video go viral. How do you keep a secret with a growing belly. I believe they lived far away from their families so it made it easy to talk to their family and not show a belly bump. I thought this was unique and out of the box idea of a pregnancy announcement.

Here are a few more tips for you before the photo session or before you have someone grab your phone to document this moment for you, keep an eye on the lighting in your home. Where is the best light coming from? What time is this perfect lighting coming from the windows? Will this room fit the style and mood you want to use for the photos? This is where I would like to weigh my opinion… Do you hire a photographer. My answer will always be yes! Hire a professional to photograph this memory for you and then print these memories. Come on did you think I was going to tell you not to get a photographer. I will say if you do not have the funds to hire a photographer then grab your phone and document this memory anyway you can. This is a very important time in your life, create the memories.

Include your fur baby. As you can see this little guy is very excited to be a big brother. Look at his face, Seriously I wanted to take him home with me. I am just not sure his parents would be okay with that so I will have to visit him again soon.

No matter how you want to announce your pregnancy be sure to print your photos or create an album. You will want to remember this moment over and over again.

As you can see the lighting in their home was spectacular.

As promised here is the link to a printing lab. They offer more then prints. You will also find wonderful gift ideas.

Next up, What color will your nursery be and how do I put a crib together? Just Kidding! I will leave these two questions to the professional painter and Super-Dad-to-be. I am so excited to document your pregnancy and newborn photography sessions. Are you ready to book your announcement, gender reveal, maternity and newborn photography session… Contact me.

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