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The question of the hour… How long is a baby considered a newborn, The newborn photographers view on this. I am going share my professional and personal view. I would also love your input, Please leave me a comment.

I do not view newborn by weight. I typically say your newborn is a newborn until they start to grow out of the squishy phase. 

What I mean by this is if you hold your newborn out in front of you and their legs and arms are still curled upward, this is considered newborn stage to me. 

Why? I am a posed newborn which means, I have to have baby still able to safely curly. I want baby to be comfortable and not forced into a pose. 

I truly listen to your baby. I will try a pose and if baby shows any kind of distress they will be uncomfortable and not happy in the pose. 

When should I attentively book a posed newborn photographer? Easy answer… when you find out you’re expecting. You will book your session closest to your due date.

Not only will you possibly get a better date on their calendar but many photographers have bundle options which means you can tell your baby story in the womb (maternity photos.) and once your baby arrives you will have built trust with your photographer to photograph your baby. 

Secondly, many photographers like myself offer payment plan options. No need to stress on the session fee. I think this is a Win! Win! 

Let’s get back to the point of this blog. When is your baby no longer considered a newborn. This depends on baby’s arrival. If your baby is   Preterm you may have to stay in the hospital until baby can get stronger you will then 7 in 100 babies come before 37 weeks so this is not at all uncommon and newborn photographers usually plan for this and will have safe calendar space for you. 

The topic is when is your newborn no longer a newborn? I’d say 28 days up-to 3 months old. 

What happens if your baby is 3 months and I decide I want photos? Above is a photo of a 3 month old baby.

You will want to find a newborn photographer that offers one of two photography techniques. 

  1. Wrapped session: your newborn is wrapped in photography wraps this allows baby to stay comfortable and calm during photos.
  2. Lifestyle photography: This is normally done in your home and posed in babies nursery and in your home. 

No matter when you newborn is born, Your newborn will always be your baby!

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  1. Paula McMullen-Davis says:

    These are so precious. Well, my son is 39 years old, married with 3 children of his own. I don’t consider him a newborn of course; he is and always will be my baby! LOL!

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