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Rekart Photography wants to wish you a Happy New Year! What a year 2021 was. I am ready to take on 2022, Are you with me?

Before I jump into 2022, I want to thank you for supporting. I love what I do because of you.

I will be continuing this year as a Maternity and Newborn Photographer. However I will be bringing in a few creative sessions this year and continuing to add sessions, This is where you come in… I want to hear from you for sure. If you have time to comment on this blog and let me know what you would like to see more of from me please share. Below you will see I have a few session ideas. If you are at all interested in a session be watching our facebook page as I will be sharing dates and details. These are not in any order of release, just ideas.

Donut session (for those who are sitting unassisted)

Black and White Portraits (Express yourself)

Professional Headshots (New year, New you!)

Weddings, Weddings and Weddings. ( I am taking on 7-10 weddings a year.)

Engagement/ Couple sessions.

Kindergarten graduation photos

Mermaid or our wooden Boat sessions

Baseball Themed Session

Soccer Themed Session

1 year session (portrait, cake smash or favorite food)

Adult Birthday Theme sessions ( I will not be offering Birthday events)

Pumpkin Patch

Fall Photos

Christmas Theme session

Children Creek Session

Did you get a new camera as a gift? Are you wanting to learn more? I have an education photography page, This is for Beginners only. What can you find in this group? I will share tips on getting you off Auto and into Manual mode. Learn more about your camera, I will offer mentorship classes, I will offer hands on classes and more. I hope this links works for you. If you have trouble please reach out to me and I will add you to the group.

I need to hear from you again… Please drop a comment if you will. I am trying out a new system… It is a Mobile text app. If you are interested and want to sign up for text messages, Send me your number and I’ ll add you. I will not be spammy. I will only share photography related text. Here is where I need your input once again. Should I do away with email list? I want to better reach you, but unsure if emailing you is what you want? If you are not big on emails. How would you like to be contacted. I need a platform that will not just disappear. Facebook/ Instagram is great for showing you what it will look like or even what has happened. But I want to share what is or could be. How do you want to hear about this?

Lastly, I want to share that I am a wedding officiant. I have heard from you and you were unaware I was offering this service. I hope to work on my website and add more information about my services but, for today you can find me on facebook at…

You can also find me on Instagram.

Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you soon. Nicole (636) 584-5274

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