Theo’s Birth Story

Hello friends, This one is a tough one to type. Why? you might ask. Birth stories do not always go as planned.

Birth Story

As a Doula I discuss with mom briefly how some births do not always go as planned. I am a non medical Doula. Therefore I am no midwife, doctor or nurse. I do not discuss medical plans or journeys. I ask that you do not come at me for this.

Skin to Skin

Theo’s Momma was working and well…. Her water broke. This tough momma drove an hour to the hospitals. Yes, having contractions and laboring all the way. I mean how tough is she. I get the call and I met Theo’s parents at the hospital.

Tiny hands

I walked in to find Theo’s mom was 8cm. This means this momma was having HARD contractions as she headed to the hospital.

It was time for our birth plan to be in place. I mean come on we talked about it, I had all the tools and I knew what Mom wanted in her birth plan. Theo’s mom, doctor and nurses, myself and dad did everything we could, but you see birth plans do not always go as planned.

Theo’s mom and Theo were having complications. It was go time. I mean serious go time. It was so fast. like a serious movie. I was asked to move back. Dad held mom’s hand as Mom and doctor talked. Let me tell you her doctor had such amazing bedside manner. He talked to Theo’s mom not in doctor terms where she would question everything he was going to do. But he talked to her in away she knew exactly what was going to take place.

Birth Story

As I stood watching them prep mom for the OR and Dad to go back there. I felt helpless. But, this was not about me. This was about Theo and his mom and having a safe and healthy delivery.

As I watched the team take Theo’s mom back to the OR, I stood there and prayed. I have always been able to go back to support and help mom’s, Times are changing and honestly it was about the safety of Theo’s mom and Theo.

I heard the baby song. I sat there praising GOD for bringing Theo into this world. The sound of baby song made my heart so happy. One of the team members came to the room and told me that Theo and Mom are doing well and we as a team had a healthy baby.

Thank you for including me in this as I stood thanking GOD. After recovery, Dad walked in with the nurses and baby Theo. It was absolutely wonderful to see this baby. Welcome to the world Baby Theo. But…. Where is mom? Why was she not here?

They were getting her ready to come to the room, A huge breath of relief left my body. I told you this was not like any birth we had planned. But in the end. We might not have the photos to tell this Mom’s birth story but what we do have is a healthy mom. A healthy Baby and that is all that matters in the end.

Birth Story

I stayed with Theo, Theo’s Mom and Dad for awhile to take photos of him being minutes old. Mom got to hold her baby and all was right in the world… Right! No. Theo’s mom was holding her sweet baby when she looked up at me and said I am not feeling very good could you grab Theo. Without hesitation I did. I handed Theo over to dad and Theo’s mom turned white, her lips blue and the sweat from her head beaded. Theo’s mom was talking to me and then she passed out. I ran down the hallway,It felt like I could not get to her nurse fast enough. The hallway felt as if it was getting longer and longer. My mind was playing games on me. As I see her nurse I tell her I need help. Without skipping a beat I had a team of nurses running back to the room with me as I was explaining what was going on, this will help prepare them. Before you jump at the nurse and ask why she left the room? She left to get medicine and things to comfort Theo’s mom. No one left her alone to not come back.

After the team of nurses work to get Theo’s mom’s color to come back and help her. Theo’s mom woke up and was unsure what really took place after handing me baby Theo. However we discussed and talked and I stayed with Theo and his family a little longer.

I tell you this story not to discourage you. I tell you this because our bodies are strong. We birth babies whether it is Vaginal, C-section, surrogacy, adoption, or however you have a baby. Our bodies plan before our minds do. Did Theo’s moms birth plan happen, no. Were we sad and a little disappointed… of course! But in the end. Theo is healthy. Mom is healthy and our team did the best they knew how.

I introduce you to Theo! He is perfect and his Mom worked really hard to bring him earth side.



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