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Welcome to Theo’s newborn blog! I am so excited to share baby Theo’s newborn sessions with you.

Newborn Portrait

Look at how proud Theo’s big brother is! I can remember when I met Courtney. She was a new momma who welcomed baby Henry into the world. Henry was the sweetest little baby who has grown into such an amazing big brother. When Henry walked into the studio the first thing he said was Coco wait till you see my baby. PROUD BROTHER MOMENT, I think so.

Rekart Photography Newborn Photography

I guess Henry forgot that I did see him at the hospital when we did his baby brother’s fresh 48. I should have made a blog about Theo’s fresh 48 “Henry meeting Theo”, what a great title that would have been. Well I will just drop a photo of that moment below. Because it was absolutely the sweetest. Henry holding baby Theo for the first time.

Big Brother

I told you Henry was so excited! Okay… Okay…. Back to our newborn session with Theo. I am getting a little side tracked with all this cuteness.

The story behind the photo above is not one I can leave out. Henry was upstairs watching cartoons or something…. Honestly I think he was building a fort with Danielle. But, he came down to tell us what they were doing and he saw Theo on our newborn prop bed and said ” Coco why is he on a bed that small? ” I explained it is a prop and asked Henry if he thought Theo was cute. Henry said without missing a beat, well.. Let me come over there and take a look at him. It took everything in me not to laugh as Henry is the cutest and his expressions are just as cute.

he said to me, Coco he is so cute and put his hand on Theo’s back, I asked Henry if he would kiss Theo and the rest is picture perfect, wouldn’t you agree?

Love baby
newborn studio session

I love that Courtney has selected to go with the 1 year collection. I love watching our babies grow. With our one year collection I photograph all those little moments that happen so quickly.

Are you wondering what is in a one year collection?

You will get a newborn session this could be a fresh 48, in home lifestyle session or a studio newborn session. If you want all three you can of course add to this collection as well.

You will then see me at 6 months this is in studio or on-location you get to choose. At six months your little one is learning how to sit up and will need a little assistance. If you have a little one that is sitting unassisted this is a great time to get them in cute little sitting bucket poses.

9 months is for sure the month that they are definitely sitting up and maybe even crawling. They are on the move and so am I. This session can be studio or on location.

One year sessions are pretty fun and take a little longer than the 6 and 9 month session. We start off with portraits of your one year old! We than move into a cake smash, favorite food, park day or if you want to go all out let’s take a trip to the beach or DISNEY! Just saying I am all about taking a trip with you.

baseball baby

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