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Newborn Baby
Baby Layla

Layla was such a wonderful baby. Layla was laid back and allowed me to pose her in this beautiful wrap her mom brought to her session along with this beautiful wooden name plate.

Sleepy Layla

Layla slept most of her session. I wanted to look up the name Layla as the name is just as beautiful as this sweet baby. when I looked up her name it said the meaning of her name meant “NIGHT” thinking of her name and the meaning of night, I thought yes she is definitely the best part of night. she is the twinkle in the stars that give “light” at night, she is the calm in the night, She is the peace that allows you to sleep at night. Layla you are the guiding light at night. Never forget this!

Sweet baby girl

Like I said I dug deeper into Layla’s name and it also states the name is steady and balanced. Layla is a meaning of very creative and artistically oriented but also willing to take action to accomplish her goals. THIS! This is what Layla is as well. Layla your name is strong and as you grow I hope that you stay strong, balanced and be the light in the night.

Sometimes, after a session a baby stays with me and layla was one of these little ones that remain in my heart. She had a calm about her. I know she will do amazing things in life. I am sure she will not remember me as her newborn photographer but, I hope she will cherish the photos I did get to create for her mom.

Sweet baby Layla

As a newborn photographer I know how to settle your sweet baby, I will pose and position your baby/babies safely and I will give your baby all my attention when in my studio. When looking for a newborn photographer I’d love nothing more then to be your newborn photographer. IMy studio is located in Union, Missouri and I have worked with Parents in Washington, Missouri, Franklin County Missouri, Saint Louis Missouri and surrounding areas.

Baby girl

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