Tucker taking the Rodeo | Gerald, Missouri

Tucker’s family has been hiring me as their photographer for many years. When Tucker’s mom contacted me about Tucker riding his first bull well…. I had to be there. Nothing could stop me from showing up and cheering him on.

first bull ride

Tucker was almost all suited up and ready to get his ride on when I arrived. This little boy was not at all scared, he is fierce. He has a fight in him and the love for all animals like I have never seen before.

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A little spit fire grin.

Look at his little spit fire grin. He is such a cutie. I can not tell you how fun it was to watch him on his ride.

Gerald Missouri Saddle Club
Gerald saddle Club
Bull Riding
Checking on the animals.

Tucker climbed up on the metal gates to take a look at the bulls inside. He looked fear in the face and talk to them without words. When I tell you he is a animal lover, These are not just words. This is who Tucker is. He is such a gentle, loving human. He is one you will want on your corner at every ride.

Bull Riding at seven years old
The determination in his body was seen in the eyes of everyone watching.

I did not get Tucker riding his bull, but I did get the determination in his body language when he got off the ground. He did not get upset for not making time. He did not cry when he knew he did not win. He stood up proudly as he accomplished more than a win this day. He won so much more that day. He achieve empowerment, confidence and the love for riding. Until he rides again I leave you with this little guys story of his first ever real ride. I know Tucker will win more then he knows as he has such a go get the next one attitude. Proud of you Tucker!

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