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I try not to start writing about what I love about photography, but today I am thinking that I need to share what I love about the tiny little newborns during their first few days of life. When scheduling your newborn session with me, I might do a happy dance. I love welcoming all little ones in my studio. There is something about your sweet newborn. Whether this is your first baby or seventh I enjoy hearing about how they became yours.

A birth story, A foster story, or maybe even an adoption story. I love hearing all of your stories.

Let me share my latest newborn session with you.

Baby Bo was 8lbs of full cuteness. How do I start my sessions? It normally starts with a phone call or email. After we set up a time and attentive date to join me in the studio. I share with my families with multiple children, when booking a full newborn session that it could take up to 3 hours. I work on baby time. I tend to do family photos and sibling photos first. This is because my home studio is not big and I always share with the parents that it is nice to have dad, grandma or Auntie take the kids to the park after we get the family and sibling photos, The park is near the studio and on nice days the kids love going to play. We do live in Missouri so on those days that are not nice the person that comes with mom will take the siblings to lunch or if you live close they will head back home until the session is complete. You can stay but in my experience the siblings get bored sitting in the studio and watching me love on the new baby. Taking the siblings and having fun is a win win for mom This allows mom to rest or relax and makes for a less stressful day for the parents, grandma or mommy’s helper. There are times where mom comes alone and will bring the trusty I-pad for the little ones to watch a movie while I spend time with baby. I leave this up to mom.

Baby B and his family

Next, I get asked how many photos do you normally get in baby’s gallery in the three hour time frame and honestly my answer is always the same. It depends on baby. It is hard for me to Predict how many poses I can do. If baby had a rough night or an off morning, I might only get a few before we need to feed, change or give your sweet baby snuggles. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment with me.

Bentley is a football player so we had to incorporate this with his baby brother. Look at big brothers big smile!

I have shared so much about newborn posed studio sessions in this blog, I want to finish this blog with Baby Bohannan. He was a dream to play dress up with.

Daddy’s new hunting buddy
Big Brothers football teammate
Mommy’s sweet little pooh bear
I could not resist with Christmas only a few months away, I needed a little gingerbread man in the studio.

Are you expecting? Do you know someone who is expecting? Are you wanting to gift them a Newborn session or donate to a newborn session. Give me a call or find the contact me tab above and send me a message. Thank you for reading!

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