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Cake Smash
One years old
Saying goodbye to my twenties 
40 is the new twenty
Happy Birthday
Singing in the studio is something I do often with my littles

Cake smash sessions are fun and I have been offering these sessions for a few years; however, many clients get stuck with ideas for their child’s session. The first thing I have clients do is fill out my questionnaire. This helps them find inspiration for their child’s cake smash or portrait session and it also helps me know what I should set up in the studio or on-location for their session. A few questions I ask are…

Do you want to match the party theme you will have at your home?

Do you want a portrait session with no cake? Something simple and minimal?

Do you want a cake or your child’s favorite food or better yet do you want to go to your child’s favorite place to eat? McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Pizza?

I recently had a twodles cake smash for a sweet little two year old.

Two years old photos


Just because you choose a theme that others are doing, doesn’t mean your pictures will look the same as someone else’s. There are many ways to do a theme. I love to get creative and think of different ways to have fun and give your child the best mini birthday session.

When you arrive at the studio I start with portraits, This helps your little one get comfortable with me. Sometimes I pull out fun balloons and other times I may grab a bowl or wooden bucket. Every child is different and this is where the questionnaire I send out comes in handy. The more details you give me the better. Does your little one like trains? cars? princesses? What about books? Every detail is helpful. It allows me to do what I love… SHOP or if I already have it in the studio I get to create a fun portrait session that is inviting for your little one when walking in the studio.

Balloon Portraits

CAKE SMASHES are for everyone!

Cake smashes are not just for one year olds. They are for anyone wanting to celebrate their birthday! I have fun adult dresses for those who are celebrating the end of your twenties all the way to celebrating 100!

My last cake from Frick’s Market before the closed

I hope this post has helped you understand what our Birthday Portraits and Cake Smash Session are with Rekart Photography!

Whether you want something minimal or You are ready to party like a rock star. I am here for all the Celebration! Together we will create the best little party, however you want to celebrate!

He was not about the get dirty and preferred a fork to eat his cake

I look forward to celebrating with you!

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