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I have been wanting to dive into our community for some time with my camera. Journalism if you would. I did not really know how or what I was going to write about but I knew I wanted to learn more about the businesses in my area that I live in. I sat on this for several years, until the end of last year when I contacted my local chiropractor Dr. Samantha Dobsch. I asked her if she would work with me. I was thrilled when she said yes!

Dr. Samantha Dobsch has been helping my family with our chiropractic needs since 2018. 6 years, I had no idea it has been this long until I started writing this blog for you to read. I will give you a little about what I want you to know about Dr. Sam and then I will end with a few words from Dr. Sam herself.

First, I need to share with you that Dr. Sam is a brilliant chiropractor. If you are needing a chiropractor I will leave her information below and you should give her a call. Dr. Sam is not an ordinary doctor. I say this because she is not a doctor who will do what they are taught and then book you for your next appointment or drag you on a regimen that you might not need. Dr. Sam is a highly educated, highly trained health caring professional who specializes in identifying and treating the symptoms you are having. She listens carefully, She hears what is bothering you and treats the issue at hand.

Dr. Sam has decreased my pain, helped me when my range of motion was not working correctly and she realigns my body when and where needed. I see Dr. Sam when I have sinus issues as well. When I put doctor in front of her name it is not something fancy she holds. It is because she has proven to me that she is an amazing and talented chiropractor.

I recently was in her office when she aligned a woman who is pregnant ( with permission of her client) I was able to take a few photos of Dr. Sam and to say her chiropractor approach was dedicated to making this mom-to-be comfortable and aligned correctly is a statement I do not use lightly. The care she has for “ALL” her patients is one of a kind. Superb in my eyes.

Dr. Samantha Dobsch treats newborn care as well. I have learned at times infant’s are extremely fussy, some have trouble sleeping comfortably through the night and some develop ear pain and infections at early stages of life. Dr. Sam visits with her little clients and attribute these problems and properly adjustments the newborn. This may help your baby sleep better through the night as well as possibly having overall better growth.

Let’s lean more about Dr. Samantha Dobsch.

A little bit about myself….

Oh where to start….My name is Samantha Dobsch, and I am one of your local Chiropractors! I have been practicing for 6 years. After growing up in Augusta and Washington, MO I received my bachelors degree in Health Sciences at Mizzou. Fun Fact: I was very undecided on what I wanted to do even while I neared graduation. While I was trying to figure out all the answers, I attended a “Lunch n Learn” where Cleveland Chiropractic College gave a presentation about Chiropractic and I had to know more. I proceeded to tour Logan University in Chesterfield and I was hooked. I applied to the program in 2013 and graduated in December 2016 as a Board Certified Chiropractor! The adventure was just beginning! After graduation I started working two days in a Washington office then started my second office location in a large closet of my Cousin’s beauty shop in the adorable sleepy town of Marthasville. Fast-forward to February 28th, 2022 and I was able to grow that practice from a small closet to a beautiful wellness facility. The office is now home to Dobsch Chiropractic & Family Wellness, Full Circle Fitness Studio and a very talented Massage Therapist. This last year has been a whirlwind and I haven’t even had time to count my blessings.  In 2021 my friends mentioned they were purchasing an old abandoned building in the heart of town and I was instantly interested in being apart of their new adventure. They kindly accepted my idea and it has proven to be one of the best things that have happened in my life and career. (really cheesy, this is just for you Nicole, but I wrote this dream on a post-it in 2020 and here we are) 

As a female chiropractor there have been struggles and triumphs. I continue to grow my pregnancy and pediatric side of the practice, but I provide quality care to patients of all ages! I aim to serve my patients as best as I can by meeting them where they’re at helping them reach their goals: pain management, wellness care, chronic and acute complaints, the possibilities are endless. 

This is Holly she is the fitness coach that is in Dr. Samantha Dobsch Marthasville Business. Holly owns Full Circle Fitness Studio, you can find Holly on Instagram. Contact Holly if you are wanting to get fit and healthy.


I am sure many of you reading this are wondering how you too can get the professional care from Doctor Samantha Dobsch. I will for sure share this with you below. I would love to hear more from my readers. Do you have a exceptional chiropractor? Are you a local Franklin County, Missouri Business that would like to be highlighted on my blog? Are you wanting to update your headshot for your office needs. I would love to be your photographer and tell your story. Head over to the contact me page and reach out. I would love to highlight your business as well.


make an appointment by phone, call (636) 229-1825.

Dr. Samantha Dobsch email is: sdobschdc@gmail.com

Dr. Sam is in Washington,Mo. Tuesday and Thursdays and Marthasville Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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