A local Middle Woman | Franklin County, Missouri

Did the title get your attention? What am I talking about? I had the opportunity to meet up with Abbie who owns and runs The Middle Woman. Abbie and I met at a local branding session I was photographing and I knew I wanted to learn more about her and her business.

What happen during our coffee meeting took me home to do homework on my own business, Not something I had thought would happen. I knew I had to share more about Abbie and her business with you.

Abbie – With The Middle Woman

I asked Abbie to write down what her business is and how she could help our community. I knew I could not put into words what Abbie offers our community. I will share Abbie’s words and then I will share what I unexpectedly received from our coffee meeting.

I’m the middle woman. I meet you right where you are at and help get you to where you want to go. I’m a Faith-Based development coach. I work with you one on one through weekly or bi-weekly sessions, keeping you honest, and accountable. I listen, I ask tough questions and I pray with you as you journey through your life.

WOW! She is so much more than what she shares above. We met up as friends to learn about each others businesses. I feel as if I received so much more than a friendship. While talking she and I talked about my business and she did ask some tough uncomfortable questions. The hardest part was to admit to myself with what was holding me back. Why did I not feel good enough. Why was I not pushing myself to learn what I wanted to and just holding myself back in learning something that could level my business up. I left our meeting fired up! I was ready to jump into things that I wanted to learn, things that I have told myself I could not learn. Today stopped the fear. Today I came home and started the process of learning and moving forward with a fear I thought I never would do. For this I think Abbie is definitely needed in our community. Abbie if you are reading this THANK YOU! Thank you for the push I needed.

How can you connect with Abbie?

https://www.facebook.com/TheMidWoman Her facebook handle.

https://www.instagram.com/The_middle_woman/ Abbie’s Instagram handle.

Want to see how Abbie can help you or \and your business connect with her directly via email. abbie@themiddlewoman.net

I hope you found this read useful and will go and give Abbie a follow on her social media.

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