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Welcome to the world baby McCoy! Newborn photography is truly such an amazing moment to photograph. I could tell you all about Baby McCoy’s session. How she did all the poses and was just the perfect little bean. But, Instead I would like to share how to make your newborn photo session go smoothly. What to bring, How to dress and all the in between stuff.

Baby McCoy’s family

I can guarantee the minute you saw your little squishy baby, you fell head over heels in love with them. Those tiny little hands, their sweet little body. Your heart has filled you with so much joy. You keep trying to remember every detail before they grow into a little toddler – their sweet smile, the way they make those little noises. You want to remember every special moment for the rest of your life.

As new parents, you are realizing why other parents tell you to cherish these first weeks. Your child will change so quickly. It won’t be long before you are trying to remember how soft their skin was, and how their sleepy head seemed to fit perfectly your arms. This is where I come in, Your newborn photographer. (insert a smiley face from me.)

Baby McCoy in studio

Your newborn photography session with me should be memorable for you and your family. Parents often find themselves anxious about preparing for their session with me. I am her to help you what to bring and what to expect during your newborn session. I want you to look at these photos years from now, you’ll be just as happy you booked a newborn photo session with me.

Let me share a few tips and tricks to help you with your studio newborn session. Grab a drink and sit back, read and then let me know your thoughts about this blog. If you have tips that might help a new momma please share with me.

Little girl days old.

Let’s talk about when to feed your newborn… it would be easy to say they will not get hungry right before the session but, this is so unpredictable. Baby’s want to eat when they are hungry. I suggest you try your best to feed baby about 20-30 minutes before session. However I know this might not happen so when you get to the studio if you have to feed baby then come one in and have a seat on the couch or the egg chair get comfy and feed baby.

Sleepy Vibes…. It is no secret that newborns sleep a lot. There are times where baby’s want to stay awake and many times it is the day of your session with me. If you want your little one sleepy during their photo session, so you can get those adorable sleepy poses, Try to keep them up for a while before you arrive at the studio. Do not stress if this does not happen. This is just a tip.

What to dress your little one to come to the studio? Dress them in a zipper up pajama, This helps not pull anything over their heads. Try not to put a onsie under the Pajama. Also it is best to have a loose fitted diaper on. I mean not fall off loose but, loose enough so there are not diaper tabs. I also have newborn diapers in studio as I do a lot of diaper changes during our wrapped and outfit changes. Also do not get embarrassed if baby poops or pees on me, It is definitely something I am prepared for. It is all in the job when working with a newborn.

Studio outfits are my favorite

A few things you must remember….

Fussy moments happen. It is okay, Be sure to bring baby some food. I do not carry all the formula and my boobs have been broken for 23+ years as my children are adults. 😂

I include newborn props, but if there is something in particular you want to include, let me know. If you want to bring a heirloom, I am here for it!

If you are bringing a sibling for sibling photos. Have something quiet for them to do. Understand siblings will not stay quiet your entire session and I do not expect them to. I suggest having someone join you and possibly taking the kids to lunch, the park or if you are close to home maybe they would want to take them home for a nap or some play time while I do all the baby’s posing photos.

If you want to a few photos with baby. Let me know prior to your session so I can have the backdrop ready. I suggest wearing a solid color. This goes for a family session as well. Coordinate colors that complement each other. My background I normally go with are grey or black. Neutral colors are my favorite but these are your photos so please pick a color you are comfortable and feel fabulous in.

With all these tips, The best advice I will give is to relax and enjoy your session.

I suggest scheduling your newborn studio session with me when you find out your pregnant but if time gets away from you. Be sure to contact me before baby is 10 days old. I look forward to working with you! head over to the contact me page and fill this section out when you are ready to schedule your session with me.

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