What do you look for when searching for a newborn photographer?

Hey friends- I want to share a few tips with you and of course cute little photos of my recent newborn photograph. I wonder what does it looks like for my clients when they jump on google and search for a newborn photographer. I am hoping this blog will help you or someone who might be looking for a maternity, newborn or even a children’s photographer. Before we get started grab your coffee or beverage of choice and let’s dive in.

Before you jump on google or ask your friends about who they used as a photographer, I suggest sitting down and focusing what your budget is. A good photographer with training and skills can start as low as $350 and go up from here. $350 is a photographer who may just be getting started and is looking to practice and build a portfolio. This of course is coming from a Missouri photographer. It could be hirer in your area.

Newborn studio outfit

Know your style. Are you wanting a posed in studio session, Lifestyle unposed but possibly directed session or a in the moment raw session (not posed at all). These are definitely something you will want to research and look at photographers around your area portfolio. Do you want a photographer who has maternity dresses to borrow, Newborn props and outfits, Children sessions that all you need to do is show up with outfits and have a fun photo session.

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Do not be afraid to ask questions when hiring a photographer. You want to know what you are receiving before you hire a photographer. Will you have print rights? Will you get digitals? What is included in your session price? Do you come back to the photographers studio after the photographer edits the photos to choose which photos you will get printed? Most photographers will not give you copyrights. This is a pretty common practice. However if you want to ask please ask your photographer.

You do not want RAW files I promise you this. When asking for a RAW photo you are asking for a photo that is not edited. You are hiring a photographer for their art so you are not wanting a RAW photo. Also if you get your images back and you find you are not happy. please do not ask another photographer to re-edit the photos. This could actually get the other photographer in trouble legally. contact the photographer you hired and talk to them about fixing what you are not happy with.

The price might look fabulous, but be sure to research your photographer. You do not want someone who is unfamiliar with posed newborn photography posing your newborn. This takes time and is definitely not an easy craft. This goes back to asking question with the photographer you are hiring. A lifestyle newborn photographer will not pose your newborn. Lifestyle newborn photography takes place at your home, and will usually spend the majority of the session focusing on the connection of you and your family with baby.

My last tip for today will be to know the turnaround time. Most photographers take up to 14 days to share the edited images with you. Unless this is a wedding then this is much longer time frame. Always keep in mind that it may take longer depending on the sessions and season your photographer is in. I do hope this helps when you are choosing a photographer in your area.

Feel free to reach out and ask questions if you are in need of hiring a Maternity session, I do offering in studio and on-location sessions and I do have bump friendly dresses for you to borrow. I am a studio posed newborn photographer with props and outfits for your sweet baby and I also offer children | milestone photography.

Mommy and Me with our baby

I have a question for you… What do your look for when searching for a maternity, newborn or children photographer?

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