Are you a Mom? This is for you.

Hey Momma- Grab your lukewarm coffee and sit down and let’s share the truth and lies we tell ourselves as a mom.

Motherhood is hard! No matter the stage you are in. I sit and ponder the old saying do not blink because when you do your little one will be all grown up. The truth is you might have to blink a few times but in the end it is true they are grown and moving into adulthood. That is the ugly truth.

The other ugly truth is that we as mom’s never feel good enough. WHY? We bust our butts with no manual. by the way, I think the hospitals forgot to give me mine when I left with my brand new baby.

Sweet baby momma

40 weeks of preparing for this sweet little baby was just not enough time.

I am here to tell you I am thankful for dry shampoo and deodorant because when I brought my sweet little baby home I did not realize that a nice long hot shower was a thing of the past. Are you with me?

Would I change a moment of no showers, cold coffee and those bags under my eyes. NO WAY! The reality is I miss the no sleep, cuddles, a little someone pitter pattering down the hall calling my name, even when their daddy was sitting right there next to them watch Saturday morning cartoons.

I want you to realize, Motherhood is the most rewarding job even if it comes in ‘moments’. Moments when life is calm, and all is silent, and you stop and stare at the creation you brought into the world. Momma you may be sitting, standing, or looking out a window when you feel a sense of calm and you smile because your little one learned how to do something new and you were there to witness this little accomplishment. Give yourself grace when the laundry has piled up, the kids fall asleep before bath time, homework has not yet been done and you are running around looking for a pencil because we all know those suckers hide when you need them most.

Mommy and me

I am here to tell you ~ you got this thing called Motherhood. No matter what stage you are in you are doing the best you can and I guarantee you are crushing it. The laundry will still be there tomorrow. You might not be able to go potty without little hands under the door. Keep in mind the coffee will one day be hot and your little will grow up and the conversation you have will change. You will one day again get a hot shower… Maybe. But until that day, I am here to tell you enjoy those messy days. Give yourself grace and stop self doubting yourself.

Mommy’s boy

I want to extend a early Mother’s Day gift to you. Schedule your “Mommy and Me” photo session with me and you will receive a complimentary 5X7 print. Weekends are booking fast so reach out to me before they are gone.

Motherhood is important. Get in front of the camera and share a moment with your little one.

  1. Kayla says:

    Well said! This momma needed this blog today! Love to all mommies not mater what stage your at! Your doing a great Job. 💕

  2. Nicole Rekart says:

    You are an amazing Momma Kayla. Hugs .

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