Toddler Time with Nicole

Hey friends! I thought I would try another mom blog. If you are enjoying these reads let me know by replying to the blog. I am really enjoying talking about these real life mom happenings. Let’s dive into today’s Toddler blog.

Disclosure: Mavery is amazing and has never had a tantrum with me. I am using her photos because she loved playing in the rain and she is too cute. with this being said let’s jump back into Toddler talk.

As a mom and photographer I can tell you I have seen my share of meltdowns. I have to say as a mom it hits a little harder then as a photographer. As a photographer Toddler meltdowns happen and I have to say I have gotten some amazing lifestyle photos when your little one is less stressed. Children want to do what they want and many times they do not want to pose. I definitely learned to pivot.

As a mom: I have had meltdowns right along side my daughters. I can remember one in particular day when I should have just left the situation, however being the strong willed momma I am I was convinced I could turn the tears to laughter, the girls did not want to go grocery shopping. Instead of picking my battles and leave the stress at home I decided I would bribe my girls with a toy if they behaved and when the melt down began I started to bribing with more things and places I thought they would enjoy just so I can get finished getting groceries. What I should have done instead was calling it a day and leaving the store with my dignity and a bit of grace. If you are a hot mess momma like I am please raise your hand.

When I was new to photography I would set up the session with mom, do my homework on location and plan the entire session from start to finish with Pinterest ideas of posing. I found most of the poses were fails and the kids did not want to pose for an hour. Parents left frustrated and apologetic that the session did not go as planned.

Currently, I still have hot mess mom days even with my adult children. We moms are not perfect and we are all learning. Momma I give your grace and praise. I have learned through the years of motherhood I have learned to pick my battles and have a little more patience with my children and myself.

As a photographer I have learned less posing is so much better and less time creates less stress. I love when we get together and create magic. We let the kids lead the session which creates beautiful memories and adorable photos. If you are wanting to update your photos with your little one with me let’s chat.

As you can see Mavery and I got together and did the cutest April Shower Photo session this past week. We even had her bestie join in on the fun. If you are interested in my April Shower photo session…. The session is during the week at 10am or 6pm in Washington, Missouri. I will bring the water… Not as much as Mavery’s mom who absolutely brought the water and was so prepared and amazing. This momma brought and filled her wagon with 2 rubbermaid tubs of water to the session. I could not thank her enough as we really needed all the water. Your little one will need matching rain boots and raincoat. If you have a matching umbrella awesome if not I will make sure we get a colored umbrella that coordinates with your little ones raincoat and boots. The session is 30 minutes and is $200.

Contact me if you are interested in the April Shower session. (636)584-5274

I am still learning the mom thing, my only advice here is to give yourself grace.

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