Beaufort,Missouri | Maternity Session

Kayla as always brought her A game during her maternity session. Kayla and I met at her family farm. Let me just say I woke up to an overcast day. I was feeling pretty excited as I am a huge fan of overcast mornings when I have a session in the morning and I am one trying to beat the Missouri heat and two the sun. Let’s jump ahead to loading the car, I am in Union and Kayla in beaufort not much distance between us but enough on the weather scale. I text Kayla and let her know I am on my way and will be there in 20 minutes. By know I am in the car and driving to her. Still beautiful overcast in Union. She text me back to tell me to be careful as the storms are ripping through Beaufort. I am at a red light, send her a photo of Union. No rain. I am thinking to myself okay this is going to be really Stormie and I will need to reschedule or I get to the farm and the storm Kayla is talking about will pass. I pass the last light on Highway 50, you locals know what I am talking about the one entering Beaufort. Yep! We live in a small town, you can count the lights heading out of town. I cross over into Beaufort and I kid you not it is the worst storm. I almost have to pull over. I of course do not pull over because I want so badly for the storms to stop.

As you can see the sky let me with the most beautiful overcast and the rain stopped. My little photographer heart was so happy.

Kayla always looks so beautiful. Yep she is a woman who could wear sweats and a t-shirt and look like she is ready for a magazine cover.

Kayla and I used every bit of the farm land. Thank you Chris for leaving the hail bales for me. By the way This blue/pearl dress is in our client closet thanks to Kayla donating it to the studio.

The Story of the Hummingbird in Kayla’s words: If you didn’t know what the meaning behind my hummingbird earrings, represents our sweet Eldon. He will always and forever be with us. He was our precious busy hummingbird. We know you help God make your precious baby brother in heaven.

Their will be a Charity Jug Fishing Tournament in memory of Eldon.

I love her White farm dress. The dress fits the farm style perfect. Don’t you agree?

I might need to find out where Kayla purchased this dress as I love the cute ruffles and believe even if you are not a farm momma this would be beautiful on a sandy beach. What are your thoughts?

I am looking forward to photographing your belly bump and telling your little one’s story.

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