Daddy and Evie | Washington, Mo.

I love when dads call to schedule a photo session with me. It does not happen often but when it does it brings such joy to me. Too many times our poor dads get the reputation of loathing getting their photos taken. I am not here to say this is not always true but, there’s so many times that dads show up and shine and this session with Evie’s dad was one of the cutest sessions.

Sweet Evie has the prettiest eyes. They are so captivating.

This session with Tony and Evie was fun and spontaneous. I did bring a few props but we let Evie tell us how she wanted to be photographed. This worked out perfectly. When working with little ones the attention span is short. I try to get as many poses in as possible. However I went to this session with props and did not do direction photographing. I wanting to watch the connection and photograph the moments, emotion and I was hoping the photos will give dad a feeling of happiness every time he would look at the photos.

Seriously how precious is this photo. Before this photo she was snuggling on her daddy’s chest and giving him all the loving.

She then got up holding her daddys strong hands and then decided to let go and walk to me.

This is what I love about photography. Catching the moments for the family.

Evie and I did a few portraits of herself. She did amazing! We did have daddy being silly behind us.

I hope you enjoyed our Daddy and Evie photo session. Are you a Daddy and want to have a fun, interactive day with your little ones, Let’s get together and make memories.

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