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Hey! I wanted to stop in and let you know I am finally at the stage to help other photographers grow their business and build their Maternity and Newborn portfolio.

My biggest question I have received is do we use real babies to learn posing and the answer to this is a quick heck no! Way to risky and not safe at all. I do teach Newborn posing safely with a StandIn baby. If you would like to invest in a StandIn baby and bring one with you so you can continue to practice beside me and not wait for me to give you and example and then have you do it, I have put the link below.

This is definitely an investment into your business and will help more than you realize. I love practicing newborn posing and seeing what baby will look like prior to my session, This is also a great way to practice lighting. I am not a influencer and do not at all get a kickback when you purchase, I just want to share what I use. There are other options on Esty I will link one below. Again I am not affiliated with this with this business either.


Above is my sweet Addelyn baby. She has been my saving grace.

What else is included in my Mentorship? Let’s talk business. Where are you in the stage of your business? Where do you need help? This is where I come in. I send you a questionnaire and we will move from here. I do not want to teach you something that you are already knowledgeable about so I customize the business side to help you at the level of business you are at. I am not a SEO Marketer, Website builder or a Virtual Assistant in business. These are not something I will be teaching. I will share what has worked in these areas of my business but, I will not be guiding you to the first page of google. I do not mean to sound rude. I just know where I am strong in business and where to let you find the perfect fit to help elevate your business. In my 9 years in business I have purchased and used many things and vendors that did not help my business but I also have a list of Vendors and Mentors that will elevate your business in areas I can not.

Next I will be sharing posing and portfolio building with both Newborns and Maternity. I will share studio lighting if this is an area you are interested in learning as well. As you can see I will help you in areas that will build your business and leave the areas that do not interest you.

Let’s dive into a little something about Maternity. I have a bump friendly client closet, I will have Models ready to go, let’s practice posing and portfolio building. Depending on the temperature outside will determine if we start in the studio or on-location. Protecting our models and our gear is priority.

I am ready to get started… What is the investment? head over to the contact me page and send me a message so we can customize what you are looking to get out of the mentorship-education class with me.

I look forward to building your portfolio and started to grow your knowledge of photography. SUccess is a click away when building your business skills with me.

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