Finding out you are pregnant, now what?

Finding out you will soon be a parent is exciting, stressful and I am sure you have a lot of questions. I am hear to help you with a list of what to do after you find out you are expecting.

I am pregnant … Congratulations!

Schedule your OB doctor appointment. find out how far along you are. Find a doctor that fits your family’s needs, Schedule a visit to interview your prospective baby doctor to make sure this is the right doctor for you.

Morning sickness might affect you so be sure to talk to your work and let me know you are expecting. Many things might help you with this part of pregnancy. I can remember saltine crackers, ginger ale and spearmint candies needing to be near me at all times. these 3 little things help me get through my first trimester.

Next up sharing the news. Many couples wait until they are 12 -15 weeks pregnant. Sharing the news could be super fun. Do you have a fun way you would like to share with your friends and family? You might want to hire a videographer or a photographer for your news. I would love to help photograph your reveal if you want photos.


This is a real thing. You might have a normal craving of foods that you already eat and then one day you might wake up in the middle of the night for a craving of something sweet, salty and needing some Carbs. My first pregnancy I wanted all the sweets and then one night I woke my husband up with a craving of Ice Cream, Pickles and a Burrito. This was my go to and he new that I could not go back to bed until the baby was full. My second pregnancy well I wanted raw vegetables and fresh fruit. I made sure that things I wanted was stocked in the kitchen.

Let’s talk about scheduling a photographer for your maternity photos. I love this part of pregnancy. 25-31 weeks pregnant you will want to get behind the camera and feel beautiful all while creating a memory you and your baby will want to look back on. I have several dresses for my bump friendly clients. I would love nothing more then for you to hire me for your maternity | Bump to Baby session.

Next up….. Baby is making their arrival soon. Will you want photos? What kind of photos are you wanting? Fresh 48, this is when you have a photographer come up to the hospital and take photos once baby is here. If you have siblings at home and they are coming up to meet the new baby you might also want to get their reaction to being a big brother or sister. Are you wanting lifestyle home photos. Once you get home and settle in you may want to hire a photographer to take photos of the nursery, baby and your new family in the comfort of your home or lastly you may want a posed newborn session in a studio location. If this is your plan you will want to plan this part of your story by locating a photographer that meets the style you are going for. I am a posed newborn photographer in a home studio. If this is what you are wanting let’s plan to schedule your newborn home-studio session.

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