Kindergarten Cap and Gown | Washington, Mo.

Kindergarten Cap and Gown photo session at your elementary school.

Is your little one graduating kindergarten? I am sure you are proud of your kindergartener. I am proud of you! Congratulation you have completed year one, of the school year.

I am sure everyone in your house is ready for a break from reading, writing and math. Let’s celebrate with a cap and gown session. I am working on ordering all the Franklin County, Missouri school colors but could use your help. What school color is your elementary school?

Drop me an email with your school colors.

What is the plan for summer? Do you have a vacation that you are planning? Are you going to have a staycation? I am working on a few fun and memorable things you and your family can do in Franklin County, Mo. and many are FREE! Keep watching as I will be releasing this soon. If you have some fun ideas head on up to my email link and let me know what are some fun in the sun ideas you may have.

Congratulations, to you and your Kindergarten graduate! Toss that cap and celebrate.

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