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Are you a stay-at-home parent? Mom, Dad or grandparent, You are not alone. I too was a stay at home mom and at times I had doubt. I doubted if I was feeding my baby enough of milk? Was I being the best mom, wife, friend and most of all good to myself. I doubted all of these things and I wish I had a place to dump all my doubt. I also wish I had a strong outlet for help. I do hope that you read this to the end as I have a perfect place for you and your little ones in Franklin County, Missouri to grow and meet parents like yourself.


Are you at the beginning stages of your life as a parent? Pregnancy is not for the weak. There are many MOM groups on facebook, but what about our Dad’s and grandparents? If you know of an outlet for them please leave a comment.

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I researched what parents in my area searching for. Where could I lend some help in my blog? What did parents feel they were missing in life? Let me tell you this list was not as long as I thought it would be. Here I am to write my own blog in hopes to reach that one parent or grandparent that needs some insight and might just need to read these words. Let me begin with you are at the right place. You are going to read real feelings and real words from parents. Buckle up, grab the drink of your choice and let’s dive in.

Do not be afraid to be different. Listen to your gut when it comes to your child, life and yourself boundaries. Ask for help, Do not be afraid to ask a friend or family member to help you. Do you need a shower and can not remember the last time you had time to shave your legs? Do you need to get away and have some time with friends because weeks slipped away and you forgot how to talk to an adult. BEEN THERE! It is not a selfish act to remember you in the chaos of no sleep, nightly feedings, dirty diapers and the beautiful snuggles. Parenthood is not terrible, we just have to remember to ask your trusting friend or family member for help.

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You will also here do not blink, your baby will be a toddler, graduate and grown before you know it. I am here to tell you with my babies who are in their 20’s, graduated from college and are soon going to say I DO, times two. yeppers they are both getting married. I am going to be RAW and honest here. I miss the days when they needed me, do not get me wrong they still need me but in a different adult way and not as much as I need them. But, I miss them asking where their shoes are. Know I am asking them where my crap is.

Document all the things you might forget. Seriously you will be asked or need to remember. Such as; Baby poop colors that are good? Seriously when you become a grandparent you will be asked. When your toddler puts a rock up there nose how to get it out? When a snake bites your child will the neighbor for sure kill it before putting it in a bucket or will it jump out of the bucket and launch at the ER staff ? (True Story). My child was fine and need a few days of monitoring. What is one of your mom stories, I know you have them and if you do not get ready they will happen.

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Through all the questioning if you are doing it all right, I am here to say if your child misses bath night, If you hand your child a cell phone the night before and forget it in their sweater and send them to school only to have your mom call your phone and your daughter is at school and the phone rings and scares her and the teacher it is okay. Take this as a win! You become good friends with the teacher and your child learns to empty her pockets. If you decide cereal dinners are happening because the day you had was a rough one. This is A – okay, I promise. We have all been there. Through it all be kind to yourself.

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Are you a Franklin County Parent wanting at home mom support? Below are just a few wonderful leads.

Ladies, Littles and Lattes is a great group of Mom’s.

Homeschooling in Franklin County, Missouri

Sullivan, Missouri MOMS group

If you have a safe place for parents and grandparents let us know below. I do hope this was a helpful. I also do hope that you take grace on yourself and give yourself cereal for dinner.

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