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Fresh 48 Photos are special photos for families who want their baby’s first hours documented, including those uniquely little newborn details, without having the entire labor and birth photographed.

I recently had the privilege to photograph a fresh 48. Baby was hours old. Mom invited me up to her hospital room to document the baby before the babies sibling arrived. Once I arrived I went straight to work on wrapping baby and getting baby photos in the first bed the baby will use.

First photo

What to wear? I tend to tell my parents to wear what is comfortable, Let’s be honest Labor and Delivery is no glamour show, it is hard work. I let my parents know when I take the photos most of the photos in the gallery I send to them will be black and white. This helps mom not feel pressured to have her hair, make-up and feel the need to get out of bed. Many times my mom’s are not able to get out of bed yet.

If my family want photos of Big Sister or Big Brother to meet their new baby I will arrive 30 minutes prior to try to get all the baby photos while Dad or the person who is watching the sibling to come on up to the hospital. This also helps me concentrate on the older Siblings.

Meeting her new baby

This moment they see their mommy and they see a little baby in mom’s arm or in this case in the baby bed. The excitement sometimes turns to an overwhelming situation. Not in this case, As you can see Sister is so excited to meet her new baby. Mom and Dad prepared her for everything. She was full of joy, her smile tells you a 1000 words.

Admiring her new baby

This has to be one of my favorite photos in this gallery. Seeing her admire her new baby. Definitely a proud sibling moment.

mom and baby's hands

I often get asked should I get a fresh 48? Is a fresh 48 worth the investment? A Fresh 48 doesn’t take place of your birth or your newborn photography, however I feel it captures those moments within the first few hours of baby’s life. I can tell you – you certainty will see changes in your baby after a few days. I also want to share this is a great time in between your baby’s stage of life from your maternity photos, If you choose to have your Birth photographed and Newborn photos. This is a nice in between.

Parent Photo

Tips for a successful Fresh 48 session.

Tell the hospital staff you have hired a photographer to take photos at the hospital.

Pack a wrap, hat or anything you would like to have during your session. Keep in mind this is not a posed session and it is also not a long session. it is a time to document your baby 4 to 48 hours of birth.

Have baby changed in a fresh diaper. If baby seems hungry feed baby. Your photographer might want you to give your baby a snack so she can document one of the first feedings.

If siblings are involved in baby’s session please know it might not go as you want. It might be filled with excitement and chaos. Your photographer will know how to navigate around this.

Lastly do not stress. This time is to document the first hours of your baby and family in the hospital.

Baby in the hospital bed
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