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HEYYY!! I want to share a few newborn expectations and what is really going on at a Newborn photo session. I am sharing this as I know many parents out there want that perfect photo of siblings meeting their new baby. Most of the time the new sibling has been asked 100 times do you love their baby sister or brother. Let’s be honest, They might show excitement the first few times and then they are like HEY! Baby brother is cool and all but what about me?

Admiring her new baby

My suggestion is to have little gifts your visitors can give your oldest child. Seriously they are more excited about their sibling when they are being gifted something too. Maybe a new baby doll, and then for each person after things for said baby doll. Books that they can have some you time with during baby’s nap time or before bedtime.

Be prepared for out of character moods from your sweet older child. I am not kidding, I have seen the sweetest kids toss baby off there lap during sibling sessions. They are do being the older sibling. They are like those sour patch kids. Sweet and sour in one little bag.

Big Brother

Let me share expectation during a newborn posed session. I will help you and set you up with a success full newborn session with me. However in all honesty we can do all the things and baby may not want their photos done as we plan. I do go with the flow and listen to baby. This works, I promise. Your session is about your baby and if your sweet little baby is not a fan of being on their tummy, side or back they will for sure let me know. You know the sweet baby smiles, As much as I want to say your sweet little baby is loving the session and absolutely loves ME! It is normally gas, poop getting ready to make appearance or they are having something else happening. I can promise you this is not me at all. But, let’s pretend it is me and I am the best posed newborn photographer out there okay. (insert wink and a little bit of laughter).

I want to leave you with a few tips on posed newborn photography as this is my specialty and I kinda know a little bit about this.

Parent photos do not have to be with your faces, Not feeling up to getting behind the camera. Feeling tired and not at all photogenic. No worries. I recommend to at least a detail photo. These tiny times slip away to fast.

Schedule your newborn session as soon as possible. This allows you to get in on a payment plan. Another tip here that I’d want to piggyback on this is and schedule your session during your babies 5th day- 10th day of the birth of your baby. They change so quickly and lose their squishiness. By day 15 and up you will find that I do more wrap posing as this helps baby stay comfortable and we still get those cute baby photos.

When you are working with me as your newborn photographer. I work on baby time and I keep the studio warm all year round for baby’s comfort. Dress in layers and if you are getting parent photos you might want to bring the shirts or sweaters so that you are not overly warm. Are you bringing siblings in for a family photo? I will do the family photo first. This helps the new sibling see I am a safe person and they can trust me when it is their turn. After family photos I go right into sibling photos so that they are not stuck hanging out with us during the 2 to 3 hour baby posing session. Many times the other parent will take the kids to the park (weather permitting) If you live close grandma or Dad will go home or do something special for Big brother or sister. At times everyone hangs out and this gives parents one on one time with the sibling while I pose baby. No matter what you decide I hope you will enjoy my little studio space during our time together.

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