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This is not going to be the usual photography blog. I do not have any knowledge to share or to teach. What I will do if post cute photos of nothing that pertains to this blog. This will at least help with what I am needing help with. Are you ready?

As promised cute photo.

Back to asking you for help. I just got back from vacation on the gulf and I loved every minute in the sand and the salt water waves. Living in the midwest does not give you that salt water. Here is where I need your help. Are you ready?

Cute photo to keep you reading.

I would love places in the midwest, let’s say 6 hours or less from Franklin County, Mo. Are you not familiar with Franklin County, Missouri? This small town is 45 minutes from Saint Louis, Mo.

What are our interest, Great question. We establish that I love the ocean which we do not have. I enjoy coffee specifically flavored coffee more like latte’s, chai, and frappe drinks. I enjoy boat rides but do not want to drive the boat. I love photographing but that is a give me. I would love to learn landscape photography. I enjoy painting even though I am not good at it. I find it peaceful. I love gardening. I do better in 80 degree weather without the sticky muggy humidity.

This is kind of sounding like I am asking for a date and let me nip this idea in the bud. I am happily married. Together we are wanting places to enjoy together. I thought I would add this in. During the escape of things I love to do I want to add a few things we both enjoy. We enjoy walking the dogs. We have three loveable, high energy dogs who love the outdoors but not into exercising. My girl Stormie is a crazy outgoing 1 year old who is spunky and loves to seal bump you. Can you guess what she is? Next is our boy who is lower to the ground and sniffs out moles, chases rabbits and tries to catch the squirrels. Any guess what he is? Lastly our girl who has saved our oldest life on more than one occasion. She is our old girl who lounges on the deck with a fan and is very much pampered. She is suppose to love water but, is not a fan. She loves long walks but at her young age of 12 she can only endure short walks these days.

I add this tidbit as while our vacation was great, after a few days My husband and I were missing our sweet fur babies and would love to have our crazy pups to go with us.

Do I have any RV or Camping adventure people reading? When I say Camping. I mean no tent campers, no snakes, no bug biting my skin adventure goers. If so share your experiences or life travels. This does not need to stay 6 hours away as I would bring the dogs with us. I want to learn about RV life or Campers the tote behind the SUV/Truck. Share! Share! Share!

Next is for those who have something I have not mentioned but.. Might be something we love to try. Again No bug biting me adventures. I am interested in all that you have for us. okay it is your turn. Share away!

Before I end our time together. I would let you know what I am truly passionate about. I am a Newborn photographer. I am love telling a motherhood story. From tossing that beautiful maternity dress and showing your sweet baby belly at 32 to 35 weeks pregnant. When your sweet baby arrives bring them in for all the snuggles and photos in my home studio. As you can see I love playing dress up and posing your sweet baby safely. I also enjoy photographing your sweet baby’s milestone.

If this is a season of your life or someone you love book your session with me. Follow my social pages Rekart Photography. Send me an email and let’s talk about customizing a session with me. or head over to the contact tab and fill it out.

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